DK Mobile : Genesis
At the beginning of time, it was the 2 goddesses Eos and Dione who created Ritos, the beautiful world full of dragons.
Among those dragons, a dark one named Carabagio brought war to Ritos, to which the 2 goddesses responded by appointing the strongest tribes that populated the world as Dragon Knights.
The Dragon Knights ended up victorious after the fierce war against Carabagio and brought back peace to Ritos.
However, that peace did not last long.
Call it luck or foresight...
Carabagio was revived and the monsters that accompanied him set to destroy all continents and kingdoms.
In this situation, the tribes had no choice but to prepare themselves to face any potential enemies and even transformed into Dragon Knights.
Along their journey, they heard about the legend of the Dragon Knights and encountered countless strong monsters, growing ever-so powerful...