On DK Mobile, you can freely party with other users. In a party, up to 5 users can form a team to fight and hunt. If you form a party, you can easily attack even the toughest enemies by yourself. If you touch a character's nickname in the party list, you can automatically move to the user's location.



Create a party

You can create a party or invite people to your party by clicking on the displayed icon.


Party User List

You can check who is currently in the party.


Party Buff List

You can check the buff status of the users who joined the party.


Party Settings

You can set the distribution method of the acquired items, delegate the party leadership or set the rules for expulsion.


Party Member Teleportation

You can move to the selected party member's location immediately by using a Blessed Movement Scroll.


Leave the party

Withdrawing from the party you joined.

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