Staking Guide

Guide on how to participate in in-game staking
DK MOBILE : GENESIS offers differentiated staking content from other P2E games.
The differences of DK MOBILE : GENESIS staking system are as follows.
You can receive and use in-game items immediately during the staking process.
● Coins will be returned at the end of the staking guarantee period.

Acquiring items through staking

Various items can be received immediately during staking and can be used in the game,
There are a variety of products available to help you from different weapons of each class to item consumables.

Stella's Trade Token

Stella’s Trade Token is an item that connects the in-game economic system and the token ecosystem, and can be exchanged for Florine or USDC.
A mix of USDC and PED is used to maintain the value of goods.
You can purchase Stella’s Trade Token with USDC + PED in a 9:1 ratio.
You can use the obtained Stella's Trade Token to exchange it for Florine, the game currency, for immediate use.
Purchase of Trade Token
You can convert a certain amount of Florine into Stella's Trade Token and exchange them for USDC.

How to proceed with Staking

- Swap and convert ITSB coins into ITSBC
- Convert ITSBC to Pentadra, PED (game credit)
- Staking through Pentadra
- Refer to the images below for the process.