What is jail?

An all-server integrated dungeon where the players are forced to move to when their crime level surpasses level 31.

Users who have been moved from a chaotic state to jail cannot use all of their movement functions.(You can escape from jail if your propensity is higher than neutral.)

When forced to move to jail, your crime level will be reduced depending on the number of crimes that have been committed.

The scarecrows and prison monsters that can be found in jail increase the players' propensity when attacked.

  • You can collect more propensity points if a monster attacks you.

Regardless of their amount of propensity points, anyone can enter jail at any given time through the prison managers that can be found in large cities. When entering jail, the characters' names are displayed to the other party according to their amount of propensity points.

Chaotic characters: Chaotic characters are marked as prisoners. Other characters are marked as hunters.

What is a criminal?

You can check the crime by clicking the propensity icon.

The crime level appears differently depending on the other person's propensity and can accumulate up to level 200.

If you acquire 15,000 propensity points while the propensity is above 0, your crime rate will be reduced by 1.

  • When using a Bible in a chaotic state, you will gain propensity points, but your crime level won't decrease.

PVP stages in lawless areas don't increase your propensity or crime level. Please refer to the list below for more information.

Lawless areas: areas where crime is not accumulated


the twilight basin

Boss [Kerr] area.

a werewolf camp

Boss [Raku] area.

Cocoon Oak Garrison

Boss [Malayan] area.

Hope Goblin Forest

Boss [Kuntutu] area.

an unknown forest

Boss [Scud] area.

the Leadman garrison

Boss [Ikssiti um] area.

the Lizardman occupation

Boss [Temetum] area.

The Jungle of Silence

Boss [Museuel] area.

Forest of Truth

Boss [Vasto] area.

a swamp of grief

Boss [Morning] Area

Valley of Death

Bose [Lord of Night] area.

a fantastic lake

Bose [crocodile] area.

a cursed cemetery

Boss [Oz] area.


5th floor of a pagan temple

Boss [Inperuseu] area.

7th floor of a pagan temple

Boss [Beremia] Area

※Lawless areas can be added or deleted.

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