9th of November, 2022

[Announcement regarding changes in ITSBLOC wallet swap function]
We are here to inform the changes on ITSBLOC Wallet swap function.
Due to swap pool issue from Polygon Network, we are to inform that there will be some changes with some wallet swap functions.
Check the changes below:
*Before the Update
- Able to swap MATIC / USDC using ITSB
- MATIC / USDC token can be swapped with each other
Image of swapping before the update
*New Update
- Unable to swap MATIC / USDC using ITSB
- MATIC / USDC can still be swapped with each other
- ITSB coin can be purchased using listed crypto currency exchange (Gate.io, MEXC)
image of swapping after the update
We truly apologize for the inconvenience of these changes.
Please take note of the changes before starting the game.
Thank you.
* For more information about Gate.io. you can check the details on the link below