Enhancing tools

You can increase the stats granted to a piece of equipment through equipment enhancement.

Scrolls are required to enhance a piece of equipment. Enhancing them with a Blessed Scroll will increase their level from a minimum of +1 to a maximum of +3.

※ However, there is no Blessed/Cursed Scroll to enhance accessories.

Weapons can be safely and successfully enhanced up to level +6, and armors up to level +4.

※ However, there is no safe enhancement for accessories.

If the enhancement level surpasses the limits mentioned above, it will destroy the piece of equipment in case of failed enhancement.



Enhancement Item Information

You can check the enhancement information and safe enhancement limit of the selected piece of equipment. The estimated selling price (gold) is based on the purchase store selling price.


Select Equipment and Scrolls

You can select the piece of equipment and scrolls you need to proceed with the enhancement.

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