Game Economy Loop

Token economy refers to the ecosystem of tokens. DK Mobile: Genesis maintains a stable token ecosystem with six assets.
They are ITSB, ITSBC, Pentadra Token : Game Token in DK Mobile, Stella's Trade Token, Florin : item in DK Mobile, and USDC, which prevent inflation!
The above assets are used in ITSBLOC Platform and DK Mobile, and they maintain the ecosystem by organically influencing each other~! The number displayed in the image is the order in which you access the DK mobile token ecosystem based on ITSB. Explain each order of access and explain how DK Mobile can maintain its anti-inflation token economy!
  1. 1.
    ITSB and ITSBC's 1:1 Pegging system of ITSB and ITSBC
First of all, ITSB is the governance token of the ITSBLOC platform, and ITSBC is a utility token for the ITSBLOC platform.
This ITSB and ITSBC are pegged to a 1:1 value, and ITSBC plays a role in connecting the token ecosystem within the ITSBLOC platform into the cryptocurrency market.
2. 1:1 pegging of ITSBC and Pentadra Token
ITSBC can be exchanged to Game Token within the ITSBLOC platform. For DK Mobile: Genesis, this Game Token is 'Pentadra Token'.
ITSBC is pegged to Pentadra Token at 1:1 value and can be used, maintaining its value.
3. Staking
Pentadra Token is a Game Token of DK Mobile, and one of the main functions is 'Staking'. DK mobile users can get free items with special effects which can be used in the game through this staking!
4. Exchange to Stella's trading token for in-game payment
Stella's trade token is a kind of voucher and connects the in-game economic system with the token ecosystem. You can exchange it for Florin or USDC!
Another key function of Pentadra Token can be mixed with USDC in 1:9 ratio and then users can buy Stella's trade token!
At this time, since USDC has a ratio of 9, the token ecosystem of DK mobile may seem easy to keep up with the low liquidity of stable coins, but at the same time, Pentadra Token, which is a ratio of 1, maintains the right amount of governance tokens in the market, making it stable~!
Moreover, Florin, the key currency and important asset of profit for DK Mobile, which all heroes know well! This florin, which makes up all the economic activities in the game (item purchase, character enhancement, etc.), will all know what you can get through hunting, clearing quests, etc.
This florin can be converted into Stella's trading token by collecting more than a certain amount. As a result, the amount of florin that can be exchanged at this time is limited, so it can also prevent rapid changes in the economy!
5. Withdraw revenue in game to USDC
In the ITSBLOC platform, USDC is an exchange tool for cashing revenue in game through Stella's trade token!
As you know, USDC is a stable coin that has very low volatility and its value is directly related to real money, which is managed and stored by leading U.S. financial institutions, including BlackRock and New York Mellon Bank, to minimize the volatility of tokens that can affect the payment system in DK mobile
ITSBLOC, which has prepared a token ecosystem in which users can focus on games based on a stable token ecosystem, as well as all on-chain games on its platform in the future, does its best to prevent inflation of tokens!
This is because the token ecosystem is important, but most of all, the game should be fun to enjoy